About Me

My name is Moon “Afrykayn” Aku and I am the eldest of 5 children, born and raised in Detroit. I am a Mother of 3 beautiful children my Princess is 1 and my “Suns” are 9 and 4. Many people know that after the birth of my first Sun there was a bit of drama because a bus driver tried to put me off and have my arrested for breastfeeding.

That incident sparked a movement that lead to protests and nurse-ins and my creation of the Non-Profit Organization, Breastfeeding Mothers Unite. Through BFMU I have run a blog talk radio program, put on community events and appeared on a number of news programs, all geared towards shining a light on breastfeeding in the Black community.

I have received letters from parents seeking help on their breastfeeding journey. Those letters helped me decide to take things a step beyond just educating people of color on our history. My family and I took our experience on the road and it was really eye opening. We’re working to expand the conversation through education.