Rita Stewart, also known by her spiritual name, Mu Shemsu-t, is committed to making a difference in the lives of children, families and communities. She has provided workshops, seminars and retreats in the Chicago area for over the past 20 years assisting people in the areas of project completion, new business development, life planning, family goal setting, wealth consciousness, and living life fully.

She currently lives in Chicago where she host workshops and events at the Mekhasken House. Workshops in 2007 included, “Living The Secret”, “Zen for the Sistah’s Soul”, “Creating Your Circle of Wealth” and “Patiently Waiting for Nothing”.

Mu Shemsu-t’s youth was spent in the streets of the inner-city due to her mother being mentally ill and she had no idea of who her father was. At a young age she began studying how the brain works as a means to find answers that would heal her mother. Mu Shemsu-t was introduced to metaphysics at the age of 17 when she fractured her leg and thought she would never walk again. From that point forward her desire to learn and apply the teachings that transforms life became her passion.

It is no surprise that Mu Shemsu-t has a natural affinity for high risk children that live in under-resourced communities.

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