Shahrazad Ali (born April 27, 1954, in Atlanta, Georgia, US) raised in Cincinnati, Ohio is an author of several books, including an 180-page, $10, self-published paperback called The Blackman’s Guide to Understanding the Blackwoman. The book was controversial bringing “forth community forums, pickets and heated arguments among blacks in many parts” of the US when it was published in 1989.

Some passages of her book describing African American women—referred to as “the Blackwoman”—quoted in the media include:

Although not lazy by nature, she has become loose and careless about herself and about her man and family. Her brain is smaller than the Blackman’s, so while she is acclaimed for her high scholastic achievement, her thought processes do not compare to the conscious Blackman’s.

Ali has stated she “wrote the book because black women in America have been protected and insulated against certain kinds of criticism and examination.” Critics complained that book offered “no factual data to substantiate” her views or information about how she came to her conclusions, and was essentially as a vanity press product that would have been ignored by blacks and others had it not been for the media attention its novelty

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